Pam's Jewellery Garden  

Enjo Handelley

Customer Testimonials

"It's so wonderful to buy beautifully crafted jewellery that can be designed just for you!  Thank you Pam, I love every piece of jewellery you have made just for me."

- Andrea Sanders

"I have often bought jewellery that looks good for the moment but the quality fades quickly. Pam's beads look as beautiful one year later as they did when I purchased them."

- Cheryl Zwart


"Thanks Pam for designing such lovely jewellery.  My friends and family have enjoyed very much wearing the pieces I have given them.   My own pieces get so much comment and enquiry as to where I bought them from, especially when I tell them the type of stones and gems they are made with. It’s so good to have necklaces that have matching earrings too."

- Rachael Mitchell